An exclusive use maker for laboratories.

Write Letters by Telepo-Marker on a transfer plate (Telepo-Board), then transfer all letters to transparent tape and just paste anywhere you want.

All letters are stick on backside of tapes, so it means letters will not disappear by chemical and rubbing.

You are able to write letters on flat Telepo-Board.

It is easier to labeling on small sample vials or round containers.

Possible to operate with quick hand writing.

You don"t have to purchase special tapes for this marker.

Marker with black, red, blue color.

It is easy to write letters with narrow pen head.

The marker won"t left on Telepo-Board, so you can repeat to use it.

Also, it is convenient because the width and length of the Telepo-Board is designed to adjust the diameter of microtubes and contrifuge tubes.

Note : You must prepare the Telepo-Board in order to move letters.

Note : When you don"t use Telepo-Marker, please close its pen cap tightly, and store it under horizontal position.

Note : Place this marker under virtical position for long time may cause leakage or dry of its ink.

Code Model
26550 A Black Marker + Telepo Board 1pc
26551 A Red Marker + Telepo Board 1pc
26552 A Blue Marker + Telepo Board 1pc
26553 Black Marker 3pcs
26554 Red Marker 3pcs
26555 Blue Marker 3pcs
26556 Black, Red, Blue Set. Each 1pc
26557 Telepo Board 1pc