The perfect gas replacement environment.

The acrylic vacuum glove box clear view is a new type that has eliminated reinforcing ribs from the observation face.

The 'CLEAR VIEW' has improved visibility and workability that provide you with the perfect gas replacement environment.

Code Model drawing
19100 CV-1000 Type (PDF)


Outside Dimensions 1335 W x 675 D x 665 H mm
Main Unit Inside Dimensions 840 W x 389 D (bottom surface) x
449 H (backside surface) mm,
front curved surface radius R = 480 mm
Pass Box Inside Dimensions 310 W x 200 D x 200 H mm
Inside Diameter of the Glove Port 140 mm
Vacuum Gauge Main Unit, Pass Box: One each; 0 to -0.1 MPa
Needle Valve Four; Nozzle diameter 9 mm
Ball Valve Three; Nozzle diameter 9 mm
Main Unit Material Made of acrylic resin
Packing Material Made of silicon
Glove Material Made of natural rubber
Tubes Made of nylon
Outside diameter 8 mm x inside diameter 6 mm
Outlet One grounded 2P outlet, AC 100 V 7A
Weight Approx. 87 kg